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Get Your Own Domain Name.

Having your own domain certainly gives out the right signals! The name you decide on does not have to be content related, (it helps!) but should be memorable. Here`s a tip - stick with .com!

Try combinations - like "" - "" - "" There must 1000`s of combinations available, in fact there are! With recent changes to registering domain names, you can now create a name up to 67 characters. Most words of 23 characters or less for domain names have been bought. This might mean considering a short sentence for your domain name, and for optimizing for search engines this is a cool idea!

Check the availabilty of any domain extension at

Host Your Website.

To have us host your business go to

Get Your Own FREE autoresponders!

Goto (one of our many resources) and take as many free test drives of the system as you need - For Free!!

Here`s an amazing 500 page book for FREE and to help your marketing efforts -
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Autoresponder Magic - Do You Know What It Takes To Write a Winning Autoresponder Series? If you don't, you're not the only one. For most people creating a series of autoresponders that convinces people to part with their hard-earned money isn't as simple as it looks. Most people just don't know where to start, how many messages to send, when to send them, how to ask for the order, or any other number of variables that mean the difference between success and failure. Get "Autoresponder Magic: The Ultimate Collection of Winning Autoresponder Messages To Put Your Web Site on Autopilot!" Click on the book to download. (You also get the full re-sell rights to this book!)

Optimizing Search Engines - The Purpose of Meta tags and Keywords.

Free Trial - WebPosition Gold.Search engines are the most used method of finding information on the Internet and are where more people go when searching for content. So using search engines is an important and effective ways to bring content-qualified traffic to your website easily, that is - search engines will bring you the traffic relevant to that which is defined within your pages!

You can list your website on search engines or have it done for you for a fee. It will probably take you two-weeks to manually list your website yourself and a mainstream service could take as long as long as 6 months. Because the Internet continues to evolve, search engines continue to change how they develop their directories. Search methods are changing, so itís a good idea to keep up with new developments and you can do this very well using WebPosition Gold. Nevertheless, the basic factor for successful search engine placement involves your webpage HTML code and the hidden code on your pages called meta tags. Just click "View Source" and feel free to examine the "meta tags" contained. Only 30% of web pages contain meta tags. Over 95% of web users find what they're looking for using the top 6 search engines.

Check out these free submission company listings

This company will provide, online, for free excellent and advanced code, just goto:

This resource on how to effectively implement meta tags into your web site is a diamond at:

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